Vegan Options

Baked in Emmaus

Eating your way around Emmaus is an excellent experience for most visitors, but for vegans, it may seem pretty mediokra. But fear not, for Baked has bean thinking of the vegan crowd, and are ready to beet the competition! Okay, okay... all puns put aside. Baked offers a small selection of sandwiches, coffee, along with a range of vegan sweets! While there are many tasty treats to tantalize your tongue, from hearty scones to energy bars, to their ferociously delicious 'monster cookies', the signature sweets at Baked are the cakes and cupcakes. The bakery boasts a broad bushel of flavors, from vegan chocolate and vanilla icing, to gluten free options, to mixing and matching your own flavors for just the right taste! It's a delight for every diet!